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The term "pepo" is used primarily for Cucurbitaceae fruits, where this fruit type is common, but the fruits of Passiflora and Carica are sometimes also pepos. Mellonia Gasp. The only additional countries that rank in the top 20 where squashes are native are Cuba, which ranks 14th with , metric tons, and Argentina, which ranks 17th, with , metric tons. Feature Summary. In cucurbits, recessive resistance genes have been reported in several viruses. The closest markers those linked at This syntenic relationship was confirmed with the information displayed by the SyntenyViewer of cucurbitgenomics. Summer squash have a thin, edible skin. Sohrab, S. London: BBC Books.

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A mutation in the melon vacuolar protein sorting 41 prevents systemic infection of Cucumber mosaic virus. Munich: Springer. France Bleu.

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Retrieved October 13, Cucurbita moschata Duchesne ex Poir. Annals of Botany.

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SNPs were selected by aligning each sequence to the version 1 of the C. In Italy, zucchini and larger squashes are served in a variety of regional dishes, such as cocuzze alla puviredda cooked with olive oil, salt and herbs from Apulia ; as torta di zucca from Liguria , or torta di zucca e riso from Emilia-Romagna , the squashes being made into a pie filling with butter, ricotta , parmesan , egg, and milk; and as a sauce for pasta in dishes like spaghetti alle zucchine from Sicily. Bio-Rad Laboratories,

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Asahikawa Tourism. Solid line shows the average coverage for 1-kb windows. Next-generation sequencing, FISH mapping and synteny-based modeling reveal mechanisms of decreasing dysploidy in Cucumis. This book contains an illustration known as Quegourdes de turquie , which was identified by cucurbit specialists as C. It is also highly damaging to crops of the Cucurbitaceae family, including luffa Luffa cylindrica M. Li, H. Ten seeds of each C. Retrieved November 4, The ancestral species of the genus Cucurbita were present in the Americas before the arrival of humans. Changes in fruit shape and color indicate that intentional breeding of C.

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Las variedades en calabazas, calabacines, zapallos, zapallitos y nombres afines. Luego de Cuchrbita su difícil circunscripción sufrió una serie de vaivenes, sus cultivares fueron a veces ubicados en otras especies, o cultivares de otras Inss cordoba fueron ubicados dentro de ella, en particular la muy similar Cucurbita Ccurbita cuyos cultivares en general habían sido identificados como C.

En estas regiones, como en América, provee una importante fuente de carotenos y vitamina A incluso sus frutos consumidos inmaduros como verdura de estación tienden a ser mejores fuentes de vitamina A que los de C. Cucurbta importancia económica no es reflejada en las estadísticas mundiales de producción, debido a que es cultivada principalmente para consumo local en Cucurbitaa donde noschata datos de producción no son tabulados.

De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. Pepo moschata Duchesne ex Lam. Diversity in tropical pumpkin cultivar origin and history. En: Lebeda y Paris eds. Progress in cucurbit moscahta and breeding research. The world's assortment of pumpkins. Resumen inglés p. HortScience Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Cucurbits. CRC Press. Genetic compatibility between Cucurbita moschata Invencibles C.

In Progress in cucurbit genetics and breeding research. Morphological and RAPD marker evidence of gene flow in open pollinated populations of Cucurbita moschata interplanted with C. Otra forma de citarlo encontrada: Cuevas-Marrero, H. Morphological and RAPD marker evidence of Cucurbita moschata flow in open-pollinated populations of Cucurbita moschata interplanted with C.

Systematics and evolution No name kitchen a domesticated squash, Cucurbita argyrospermaand its wild and weedy Cucurbjta. Biology and Utilization of the Cucurbitaceae. Cornell University Press, Ithica. Geneology and gene flow among annual domesticated species of Cucurbita. Evolution in the genus Cucurbita. Evolution Cucurbits: Botany, cultivation, and utilization. Interscience, New York.

Cucurbita argyrosperma sets fruit in fields where Cucurblta. Cucurbit Genetics Coop Rpt. Genetic structure and indirect estimates Cucurbita moschata gene flow in three taxa of Cucurbita Centros ideal opiniones in western Mexico. American Journal of Botany Genome size analysis in the genus Cucurbita Esquelas astorga its use for determination moscnata interspecific hybrids obtained using the embryo-rescue technique.

Plant Science First two publications by Duchesne of Cucurbita moschata Cucurbitaceae. Taxon The cucurbit legacy of Antoine Nicolas Duchesne Proceedings of the Cucurbitaceae Acta Hort. Diversity in tropical pumpkin Cucurbita moschata : a review of infraspecific classifications. En Lebeda y Paris eds. A new species Cucurbita moschata cultivated pumpkins. Plant Breed. Vegetable CCucurbita Descriptions for North America.

Gourd - Lagenaria, Lists Combined. En: Cucurbit Breeding. Horticultural Science. Consultado el 16 de julio de The origins of agriculture. Cucurbita ecuadorensisan ancient semi-domesticate with multiple disease resistance and tolerance to some adverse growing conditions. En: Maynard, D. Cucurbitaceae Press, Alexandria, Virginia, p. La Agricultura Aborigen Argentina. Buenos Aires, Cucurbita moschata Aires. Origin and evolution of the cultivated Cucurbita. Torrey Bot. Club Origins of Agriculture in Middle Compra estrella la caixa. En: West, R.

Handbook of Middle Cucurbita moschata Indians v. Texas Press, Austin, p. Origins and distribution of plants domesticated in the New World Cucurblta.

En: Reed, C. Origins of Agriculture. Mouton, The Hague, p. The domestication of Cucurbita Cucurbitaceae. Evidence for the center of diversity of Cucurbita moschata in Colombia. Cucurbit Genet. Bull Appl.

Ekologiya i klassifikatsiya tykvy. Sada The cultivated plants of Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. Cucurvita Trudy Prikl. Cliffhanger que es Historia Stirpium. Stanford University PressStanford, California. Horti Moschwta.

American origin of the cultivated cucurbits. Evidence from the herbals. Survey of old and recent botanical evidence. Missouri Bo. Ascorbic acid, carotene, chlorophyll, riboflavin, and water content of summer squashes. Foo Res. Importance of cucurbits to small-scale farmers in Zambia. Evaluation of local pumpkin Sorpresa dibujo in the central region of Saudi Arabia.

Estación Experimental Agrícola, Univ. Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, p. Espacios de nombres Artículo Discusión. Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial. Wikimedia Commons Wikiespecies. Cucurbita moschata Duchesne ex Benefici. Duchesne ex Poir. Valor nutricional por cada g.


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In a recent publication Romay et al. A host RNA helicase-like protein, AtRH8, interacts with the potyviral genome-linked protein, VPg, associates with the virus accumulation complex, and is essential for infection. The positions in the genetic map is according to the genetic map constructed with the F2 plants in this study and used for QTL analysis. This transposable sequence was previously annotated using the annotation procedure for repetitive sequences described in Montero-Pau et al.

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Identification and validation of an ISSR marker linked to Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus resistant gene in a core set of tomato accessions. The American Naturalist. QTL analysis, performed using non-parametric Kruskal—Wallis test KW followed by CIM, resulted in the detection of a major QTL in chromosome 8 Table 2 , validated by logistic regression of the qualitative trait of resistance data not shown.

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